Dear participants and dear friends of the Forum,

It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you, as a host, to the Second Forum of the Capital Mayors of Central and Eastern Europe and People’s Republic of China, which is organized within the cooperation "16 + 1".

This Forum is one of the largest international meetings being held in Montenegro since the renewal of its independence, and it is an excellent opportunity for Podgorica and Montenegro to prove ourselves as good hosts and to present our potentials in the best possible way.

The Forum is also a unique opportunity to promote the investment potentials of all participating countries in the field of industrial production, processing, energy, transport infrastructure, tourism and agriculture.

Only with a clear vision, united attitudes and joint performances, we may present our potentials to the large and developed markets such as China, and offer new opportunities for concrete cooperation in these areas in the interest of all Forum participants.

Therefore, as the mayor of the Capital City of Podgorica and the host of this prestigious Forum, I invite you to take advantage of this gathering in order to adequately valorize the potentials of our cities, and put them into function of their development with the aim to increase the quality of life of citizens.

In this regard, I wish all the participants a great success in the Forum.

With all respect,
Slavoljub Stijepović
Mayor of Podgorica

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